The Philippines

The Philippines is a country located in the Southeast of Asia. Its precise location is 13.0 degrees north latitude and 122.0 degrees east longitude. The country itself consists of 7,107 islands lying between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of over 95 million in the country and over 25 million overseas. The capital City of the Philippines is Manila and it has a population of over 15 million people. Manila is a sprawling metropolis with a nice vibe, fabulous weather and beautiful romantic walks along the promenade, with splendid sun sets. The islands of Luzon and Mindanao account for two-thirds of the land area. Even though the Philippines lies just north of the world’s largest Muslim state, Indonesia, it is about 94 percent Christian—mostly Roman Catholic.

The Philippines has always been considered Southeast Asia’s odd child. Catholic, carefree and cast away from its neighbours both geographically and culturally, the country confounds first-time visitors and veteran observers alike. Yet when travelers do first set foot in this enchantingly enigmatic country, more often than not they are pleasantly surprised.  It is not hard to see why the Philippines surprises many visitors. There are countless isolated beaches, chocolate hills, Volcanoes, reefs, mountains and islands, the odd backpacker Shangri-La and a little island called Boracay. Here you will have the chance to swim with sharks, scale smouldering volcanoes, explore desert islands, wander around ancient rice terraces, submerge at world-class dive sites and visit remote hill tribes in the Philippines. Then there are the not so obvious attractions such as the indigenous cultures and artifacts along with Manila’s quiet rise to culinary distinction.

The Philippines has a chequered enough past, with wars and poverty blighting their history. In 1986, the people power was born in the streets of Manila. As the whole world watched the gripping drama unfold on TV, millions of Filipinos and Filipinas, armed with only courage and deep religious faith, poured out onto the street to defy the military might of the Marcos regime. They came from all walks of life – men, women and children, rich and poor, street vendors joining hands with nuns, housewives linking arms with protestors, professionals expressing solidarity with the unemployed. The people power chased Marcos from the country. Corazon Aquino, who had lost the presidential election to Marcos days earlier, was installed as president.

The Filipina people are similar to the Irish people. Very fun loving, welcoming and have big hearts. They love to welcome people into their country and treat them as part of their own family. Once you meet the people of the Philippines you will immediately feel at ease. It is a fabulous country to visit, with the people being one of the main attractions.

What is a Filipina? A Filipina (with an ‘A’ at the end) is a girl or woman who is from the Philippines

What is a Filipino? A Filipino (with an ‘O’ at the end) is a boy or man who is from the Philippines.


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